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Memories of Monterey and Santa Barbara

It took 50 hours of upwind sailing to get to Monterey, CA. As we rounded Point Conception – “the Cape Horn of the Pacific” – the wind conspired with the shape of the shore to remain right on our nose. As I hooked up the inner forestay one morning Neptune had a laugh and sent a wave over our bow which washed me back to the shrouds. Always stay clipped in, folks! I crawled back to the foredeck with soggy

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Kirsten, Lottie, Shealin and Theresa: meet Maiden’s new milebuilders!

By using her opportunity to sail onboard Maiden, Lottie hopes to further her ocean going skills, whilst at the same time promoting the values and benefits of female education and the opportunities it can create for young girls who aspire to achieve their dreams, which hard work, study and commitment can bring.

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