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19/04/2019 Hi all! There’ll be a few people reading this blog who are just as surprised as me to see me on Maiden sailing to Sydney with 6 professional sailors, but sometimes in life, the wind changes in an unexpected direction (see what I did there?!) and provides you with opportunities that you must take; once-in-lifetime experiences. Two weeks ago, my partner, Simon was helping Maiden out with some of their stopover maintenance in Freo, and then suddenly he had

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Maiden has left Fremantle on the second leg of her World Tour

Maiden is now sailing on her second leg to Sydney!  Maiden is expected to arrive on 19/20 April 2019 and depart on her 1275 miles journey to Auckland, New Zealand on 25 April 2019. Maiden’s World Tour will take her to 30 stopovers in 20 countries, travelling over 61,000 miles in 28 months, with a new mission: raising funds and awareness for girls’ education. Skipper Wendy Tuck said “The support and help that we have had from Fremantle has been

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A short update from the Maiden crew in Fremantle:

The team is working hard and still in great spirits, getting Maiden back to peak condition in a record time, ready to start the next leg to Sydney from Fremantle.  Everything is being checked and serviced: engine, sails, rigs, electronics, water-maker, generator – even the head torch! We want to say a big thank-you to the amazing locals and club members whose continuous support has meant we’ve been able to do our work a lot faster.

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