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Meet the new crew on Maiden for the Heineken!

Maiden has five guests and two milebuilders onboard for this regatta – let’s get to know them! Our guest sailors have all paid for their places on Maiden with all monies going to The Maiden Factor Foundation. The Foundation supports and work with community programmes all over the world which empower an enable girls into education. All photographs ©The Maiden Factor/Amalia Infante Deb Walters I was completely captivated by the movie, “Maiden.” I related to Tracy Edward’s challenging childhood and

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Stronger winds, good spirits and choppy waves – a blog by Guest Sailor Agbeli Ameko

We did experience some stronger near 20kts winds today and powered down 1 reef off the main sail. Although we are more then half way through the 600 mile race we have plenty of ocean racing and sail changes to go. The crew is in good spirits and getting settled into the 4 hours watch system in which half the crew sleeps and the other half is up on deck.


19/04/2019 Hi all! There’ll be a few people reading this blog who are just as surprised as me to see me on Maiden sailing to Sydney with 6 professional sailors, but sometimes in life, the wind changes in an unexpected direction (see what I did there?!) and provides you with opportunities that you must take; once-in-lifetime experiences. Two weeks ago, my partner, Simon was helping Maiden out with some of their stopover maintenance in Freo, and then suddenly he had

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