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The story behind the photo – a guest blog by photographer Jack Lowe

Aged 14, I was so excited. I shot several frames on my old Praktica L2. It had a screw mount telephoto attached and, just like today, the camera didn’t have a light meter, so I didn’t use one to judge the exposure. Afterwards, I dashed home and processed the film in my bedroom that I’d turned into a darkroom. I knew I’d captured a moment but in those days, I had no idea how to get a photograph “out there”

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The fall of the Berlin Wall – by Tracy Edwards, 1989

It is always strange when something so momentous happens on land when you are so far from it, and any form of human life or civilisation. The Albatross wheeling above your heads is not concerned by the Berlin Wall coming down. The celebrations in Europe are so far removed from us and yet we understand completely what this means for the Iron Curtain.

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