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While Maiden is empowering women to be confident sailors with each and every leg, it also does so much more in supporting women across the globe…. Blog Post by Shealin

As female sailors, we all have experienced our challenges in the male dominated sport. I have never sailed with an all woman crew, and it is one of the most empowering things I have ever done. A few weeks ago I would've never thought I would be sailing with these incredible female sailors, and really admire their talents.

Blog Post from Maiden, by milebuilder Jo

After tying my lee cloth with triple purchase rope to prevent somersaulting out of my bunk in the 45 degree port tack(!) I layed down to rest my bones until my 22.00 watch. The previous watch was busy; it was my turn after the dishes to scrub heads,¬†walls, floors. The watch was over and we had finally hoisted the sails after 24 hours of motoring. I wanted to try Tracy’s helm! I wanted to stand where Tracy Edwards stood! What

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