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Maidens marching for change!

The climate strike was a great opportunity for us to connect with a community. So often when we are offshore we feel out of touch with current events, only hearing about them sometimes weeks after they happen. The climate crisis is different. We see many if the earth’s changes firsthand. We spent the afternoon with Los Angeles locals, including some school aged kids. One of the most moving signs for me read “why should we go to school if you

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ONE WEEK – life aboard Maiden. A blog post from Sharon Ferris-Choat.

For me I am happy how we prepared for a 30 knots cloud that came through after the moon went down and it became pretty black just before dawn. It made the wind decrease for a while and we were talking about taking the reef out, but we read the cloud height and colour well and were rewarded in some fast sailing in the right direction. With everyone in position trimming their sails, we felt like a race boat!

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