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ONE WEEK – life aboard Maiden. A blog post from Sharon Ferris-Choat.

For me I am happy how we prepared for a 30 knots cloud that came through after the moon went down and it became pretty black just before dawn. It made the wind decrease for a while and we were talking about taking the reef out, but we read the cloud height and colour well and were rewarded in some fast sailing in the right direction. With everyone in position trimming their sails, we felt like a race boat!

Royal Akarna Yacht Club, Wakatere Boating Club, Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron… it’s been busy!

The Maiden Factor had a great time at the Royal Akarana Yacht Club today. After a talk from Tracy Edwards MBE and current Maiden crew, attendees also had the chance to take part and ask questions in a Q&A. A big thank-you to Tony Rae, who did a great job as MC for the night. Tony is a New Zealand sailor who has competed in the Volvo Ocean Race six times and the America’s Cup seven times. He also sailed

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Sharon Ferris-Choat – an update from Maiden’s co-skipper

Sharon Ferris-Choat at Maiden's helm. She's wearing sunglasses and a lifejacket. Belle Henry is sat behind. The sky is blue with dramatic clouds.

Sailing on the legendary Maiden has been a dream come true. It is almost surreal that I am sailing on this amazingly resorted beauty with an incredible international crew. I love learning and every experience is one golden opportunity to offer personal advancement. The base sailing team of Wendo, Belle, Courtney, Tilly and Amalia have spent a lot of energy and time teaching their knowledge and skills about how “Maiden sails best” to us Mile Builders and leg crew. It

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