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While Maiden is empowering women to be confident sailors with each and every leg, it also does so much more in supporting women across the globe…. Blog Post by Shealin

As female sailors, we all have experienced our challenges in the male dominated sport. I have never sailed with an all woman crew, and it is one of the most empowering things I have ever done. A few weeks ago I would've never thought I would be sailing with these incredible female sailors, and really admire their talents.

A look back at the last leg: a blog from mile builder Lottie from her time on Maiden

Lottie wrote this blog whilst she was onboard Maiden, six days into the leg How things change ! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. A little over 2 weekes ago I found out that I would be sailing from Honolulu to Vancouver onboard Maiden. Since then it has been a crazy whirlwind of activity and we have been sailing for six days. It has been amazing to be out on the water and only be able to

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Kirsten, Lottie, Shealin and Theresa: meet Maiden’s new milebuilders!

By using her opportunity to sail onboard Maiden, Lottie hopes to further her ocean going skills, whilst at the same time promoting the values and benefits of female education and the opportunities it can create for young girls who aspire to achieve their dreams, which hard work, study and commitment can bring.

A very special blessing for Maiden before departure.

There were two types of leis presented to the crew. The Haku leis are worn on the head and are made with tea leaves, for protection. The second leis were placed around the neck, and are made with orchids (often given to visitors to Hawaii and also given as a thank you). And it wasn’t just the crew who received leis: Maiden also was given a Haku lei, which was placed on the bow. It was a moving sight as

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