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Young Sailors take Maiden’s helm in Sint Maarten

The Maiden crew had a great time taking part in the Keelboat Series, with Kidz At Sea and The Sint Maarten Yacht Club sailing school. Some of the young people had only been sailing for a few months, so it was fantastic to see them working so hard and developing their skills. We let the kids do everything, from steering to trimming and grinding. They soaked up all our coaching like sponges. I was coaching the trimmers and grinders and

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ONE WEEK – life aboard Maiden. A blog post from Sharon Ferris-Choat.

For me I am happy how we prepared for a 30 knots cloud that came through after the moon went down and it became pretty black just before dawn. It made the wind decrease for a while and we were talking about taking the reef out, but we read the cloud height and colour well and were rewarded in some fast sailing in the right direction. With everyone in position trimming their sails, we felt like a race boat!

From Whitianga, with Hope

A guest blog by Jonathan Kline We left in darkness and drove the steep and winding roads from Mercury Bay to Auckland this past Sunday to participate in the departure ceremonies for the Yacht Maiden, the recently refitted Whitbread Round the World boat, currently on a global tour, advocating girl’s education and welfare.  Maiden burst onto the world sailing stage almost 3 decades ago.  In 1989/90, 21-year old Tracy Edwards, assembled a group of women who were determined to compete

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