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Maiden draws close to Hawaii! The last collection of updates from Sharon Ferris-Choat

S1’00.987W156’08.668 Boat speed 9.4 knotsWind speed 14.5 knotsWind direction 118′Waves 2m (side on) Distance to the equator 61.4nmDistance to Honolulu 1335nm What a night – it was epic on Maiden! Imagine it is completely dark, I mean dark outside. You cannot see more than 3 feet in front of you. There is a storm outside that is side onto you and is changing in strength all the time. Also, on this country road, your van has no headlights, no brakes

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A short update from the Maiden crew in Fremantle:

The team is working hard and still in great spirits, getting Maiden back to peak condition in a record time, ready to start the next leg to Sydney from Fremantle.  Everything is being checked and serviced: engine, sails, rigs, electronics, water-maker, generator – even the head torch! We want to say a big thank-you to the amazing locals and club members whose continuous support has meant we’ve been able to do our work a lot faster.

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