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Memories of Monterey and Santa Barbara

It took 50 hours of upwind sailing to get to Monterey, CA. As we rounded Point Conception – “the Cape Horn of the Pacific” – the wind conspired with the shape of the shore to remain right on our nose. As I hooked up the inner forestay one morning Neptune had a laugh and sent a wave over our bow which washed me back to the shrouds. Always stay clipped in, folks! I crawled back to the foredeck with soggy

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Maidens marching for change!

The climate strike was a great opportunity for us to connect with a community. So often when we are offshore we feel out of touch with current events, only hearing about them sometimes weeks after they happen. The climate crisis is different. We see many if the earth’s changes firsthand. We spent the afternoon with Los Angeles locals, including some school aged kids. One of the most moving signs for me read “why should we go to school if you

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Danae’s first offshore experience!

Finally the day arrived to depart Seattle. I was excited to be going for my first offshore experience! After a moving speech by the skipper of the “Sail like a Girl” team, Jeanne Goussev, and songs from Voices Northwest Chorus (Snohomish County’s all women a cappella chorus) we were off! Motoring away in the bright sunshine with the Seattle Skyline behind us – beautiful! “Sail Like a Girl” and several other boats escorted us for a while then waved good bye. 

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While Maiden is empowering women to be confident sailors with each and every leg, it also does so much more in supporting women across the globe…. Blog Post by Shealin

As female sailors, we all have experienced our challenges in the male dominated sport. I have never sailed with an all woman crew, and it is one of the most empowering things I have ever done. A few weeks ago I would've never thought I would be sailing with these incredible female sailors, and really admire their talents.

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