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MAIDEN CROSSES THE EQUATOR – pollywogs to shellbacks!

Belle ✏️ Following tradition, our onboard pollywogs were summoned to the foredeck to plead for their crimes before The Court of Neptune. Alongside King Neptune was his scribe, doctor, Thalassa (Queen of the Ocean), sea snakes and the shark. The verdict of guilty was found for crimes, and punishment was given with a shave of an eyebrow, a lock of hair and a good dowsing in of the collection of the boats slop bucket! We now have 3 more hardened shellbacks in our

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Birthdays, black clouds and birds! A collection of updates from Sharon Ferris-Choat onboard Maiden.

S23’52.041W165’49.941 Wind direction 095Boat speed 8.5 knotsTrue wind speed 12.9 knotsTime 9:37am NZ time What a beautiful day! The wind came in from the East 80 miles sooner than expected. It got up to a solid 20 knots last night. This made for fantastic reaching conditions with a full moon and flat water. We are now in our reaching mould; if we can keep this speed we have less of a chance of running out of wind again. But- the weather

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Blog Post from Maiden, by milebuilder Jo

After tying my lee cloth with triple purchase rope to prevent somersaulting out of my bunk in the 45 degree port tack(!) I layed down to rest my bones until my 22.00 watch. The previous watch was busy; it was my turn after the dishes to scrub heads, walls, floors. The watch was over and we had finally hoisted the sails after 24 hours of motoring. I wanted to try Tracy’s helm! I wanted to stand where Tracy Edwards stood! What

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ONE WEEK – life aboard Maiden. A blog post from Sharon Ferris-Choat.

For me I am happy how we prepared for a 30 knots cloud that came through after the moon went down and it became pretty black just before dawn. It made the wind decrease for a while and we were talking about taking the reef out, but we read the cloud height and colour well and were rewarded in some fast sailing in the right direction. With everyone in position trimming their sails, we felt like a race boat!

Maiden Film in Los Angeles!

We are sadly coming to an end of our time in Los Angeles where we have been promoting the Maiden Film before public release on 28th June. Everyone has been so kind and there is so much appreciation for the film it has been completely overwhelming. Alex Holmes (the film Director) and I spent a whirlwind two days of interviews And Screenings… and finally, the LA Premiere of Maiden at the Linwood Dunn Theatre in Hollywood – complete with red

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