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A Summary of Leg Six: Breaking Records

Maiden was home and Tracy Edwards was the most famous woman in Britain, her future likely to be studded in glory. The little girl who once run away – had come home – with dignity, with grace, her faith vindicated, her courage emblazoned across a thousand headlines.

Kirsten, Lottie, Shealin and Theresa: meet Maiden’s new milebuilders!

By using her opportunity to sail onboard Maiden, Lottie hopes to further her ocean going skills, whilst at the same time promoting the values and benefits of female education and the opportunities it can create for young girls who aspire to achieve their dreams, which hard work, study and commitment can bring.

Maiden Film in Los Angeles!

We are sadly coming to an end of our time in Los Angeles where we have been promoting the Maiden Film before public release on 28th June. Everyone has been so kind and there is so much appreciation for the film it has been completely overwhelming. Alex Holmes (the film Director) and I spent a whirlwind two days of interviews And Screenings… and finally, the LA Premiere of Maiden at the Linwood Dunn Theatre in Hollywood – complete with red

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Tribeca Film Festival

Tracy Edwards MBE The Tribeca Film Festival is a prominent film festival held in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, showcasing a diverse selection of independent films. Since its inaugural year in 2002, it has become a recognized outlet for independent filmmakers in all genres to release their work to a broad audience. The whole week was just amazing and more than a little surreal for a Round the World Sailor! There were some fun interviews. Maiden was premiered at the

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