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Sleeping, showers, and storms… Maiden Update!

A blog post by Julia Briggs (Maiden Milebuilder)

17.38.127 N  105.27.572W 25276
Compass Course 180

Boat speed 8.2
True Wind Speed 12.3

Julia takes to the pink helm
Julia steers the boat towards Antigua. With over 4000 nautical miles, this is a great leg for Maiden’s milebuilders! Milebuilders are onboard to gain experience and build up their ocean miles. Photo ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

8 days at sea and I’m climbing the walls. Don’t get me wrong I’m having the time of my life! I mean that in the very literal sense I sleep in one of the upper bunks and have found that the easiest way to get in and out without disturbing Cary, who sleeps on the bunk below, is to brace my hands on the bunk, take two shuffle steps up the engine compartment wall, and then push off twisting sideways to flop neatly into the center of the mattress.

Four bunks onboard Maiden. The bottom two have their sides up, the top two are crew reading.

In other good news, I had my first shower of the trip yesterday. We ran into a few squalls and in the midst of taking through headers, putting in and shaking out reefs I got completely soaked with rainwater. The only disappointment is we did not have shampoo on deck to really scrub out all the grime…oh well there is always the next storm to look forward to.

Julia smiles at the camera, holding rope
Julia is a rigging expert! ©THE MAIDEN FACTOR/AMALIA INFANTE

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