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Well, well, to all I want to say that this passage (Sydney to Auckland) onboard Maiden, was and still is, as I am writing now (still few hours to go before docking) an incredible epic experience for me!

A New Zealand flag flies on Maiden

There are a few things that you want to do in life and also few things that you believe in; jumping on Maiden last week was the reunion of it all for me. Surrounded by women sailors with passion in the eyes, knowledge and determination, sense of collaboration and support; plus carrying The Maiden Factor from one end of the world to another, is the best you can get and be part of.

Alex Greu, wearing a red hat and maiden jacket, with a lifejacket, is at Maiden's Helm

Plus, looking at us after sailing on watch systems, nights at sea, dealing with strong wind and swell, looking at the stars, talking about life and also solving problems on board (our favourite challenges), it came to me that we are all different as nationality, background, lifestyle, … but beautifully compatible.

Four sailors on Maiden at the back. One on the grinder, one holding a rope, one at the helm and one sitting at the back.

Merci for that precious moment in my life, I will remember it and will grow from it. We made it because we love it. Thank you all : Tracy and Wendy, and The Maiden ladies on the scene and behind for your amazing work and engagement! You rock ladies .

What were Alex Greu’s top 3 Maiden Moments?

  1. When Sharon and I took our flight from Kerikeri (NZ) to join Sydney. On the way, stopping in Auckland, we became 3: Alison joined us. The 3 of us were going for sailing adventures onnboard Maiden! “YEAH!” My heart was high and full, and we couldn’t stop talking about it.

    The next morning we met up with the permanent crew… and it was then the beginning!   
  1. Being on watch at night at the helm or just sitting on deck, being so grateful of being part of this passage, surrounded by the nature; us alone in the middle in the Ocean.

    Sailing under the moon and stars, fluorescence in the water and the white wash along Maiden… what a magic moment.
  1. HARD to choose after so many good ones because so much happened in 10 days. I will say all the moments when we did “ACTIONS”, changing sails or switching halyards, taking reefs, basically when we had to respond to the unexpected-expected. 

Team effort was always involved. Looking after Maiden was awesome, she did bring us home on a fast track.

Alex stands at the front of teh boat holding a whale watching boat. Kate stands behind.

I also got torpedo’d by a big squid as i was at the helm at night, right on my chest. Couldn’t see what it was, i was a bit lost as to what had happened! 

I could still feel the thing in my arms, it was fun as we discovered it wasn’t a flying fish. Big laughs for a few minutes with Sharon and Alison!

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