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So, we are day 23 of the Indian ocean! I bet on a 20-day trip and with another 190 nautical miles to run… I think I’m losing that one!

It’s been a tough few days on board Maiden, with winds continuously 20-30 knots and peaking overnight last night at 30-40 knots. Our current plan is to beat further inshore to pick up some lighter breeze and current to pick up pace into Fremantle. We had an unfortunate few set-backs including a small rip in the Main Sail and a break in the Jib halyard; we have been left with the stay sail and engine, which, in rough chaotic seas, feels like riding a bucking bronco in a washing machine.

Despite all this, morals are still high with a stunning sunrise this morning and some beautiful starry nights skies. Day to day life continues as always down below punctuated with some experimental tinned food recipes and team pow wows round the bean bag. Coming to the end of a long trip and especially one such as this is always a difficult time, with part of you very excited to have a stable dry bed and hot shower and the other half desperately sad to be leaving behind such an awesome crew and an incredible journey.

All the girls onboard have been truly inspirational. I have been blessed myself with a supportive family, great education now as a doctor and the opportunities to go sailing around the world with this amazing project. This is a career that many people have been sceptical about and I have faced many personal and professional obstacles to get to this point. I was brought up to believe that nothing was out of my limits and this is a message I want to portray: that nobody’s dream should ever be thought of as insignificant.

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