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Maiden Arrives In Fremantle

Maiden has arrived in Fremantle! However it wasn’t the smooth arrival as expected, and The Maiden Factor team are very grateful to all those who have provided support over the last day. At 1900hrs AWST (1100hrs GMT) Maiden called to say they had a suspected fire in the engine bay causing total power loss. Consequently, they shut down the engine and needed a tow. Skipper Wendy Tuck and crew were all safe and well. The crew arrived at the Fremantle

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BLOG POST BY IONA TAYLOR 29/03/19 So, we are day 23 of the Indian ocean! I bet on a 20-day trip and with another 190 nautical miles to run… I think I’m losing that one! It’s been a tough few days on board Maiden, with winds continuously 20-30 knots and peaking overnight last night at 30-40 knots. Our current plan is to beat further inshore to pick up some lighter breeze and current to pick up pace into Fremantle. We

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BLOG POST BY AYESHA LOBO 27/03/18 With only 450 miles to go, energy on board is quite revived and everyone is in race mode as land is so close. We have had all sorts of adventures on board, as you have read about in our previous blogs, which is very exciting for me as this is my first real ocean passage! The last two days have been blissful weather of clear skies and perfect sailing conditions. This has been great

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BLOG POST BY ERICA LUSH 25/03/19  25 degrees 18.291’ S105 degrees 16.718’ETrue Wind Speed: 15 ktsFull main, J2 jib673 miles to go! The phrase “mountainous seas” is so apt in the conditions we had this weekend. The waves rise in height up above our heads, and even though they are rising and falling on all sides, they do seem solid like a mountain. The normal deep blue becomes darker and greyer as clouds block the sun. Once in a while

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23/03/19 Greetings from Maiden! It is full noise out here 700nm West of Australia— we are charging upwind in 20-35 knots of breeze, a sloppy and inconsistent 2-5m swell, and many rainy squalls! It feels like we’re finally earning our stripes out here in the Indian Ocean, after a fairly smooth and uneventful first few weeks of this trip to Fremantle. I made the terrible mistake of appointing myself head of the flying fish extraction task force (several have sought

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