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Greetings from Baiona



Greetings from Baiona!

As Maiden makes her way towards India she is stopping in at various ports to dodge the weather which due to the delay in the refit is not optimal for her to be making her way south.  These ‘pit stops’ are also really useful for dealing with any issues that arise and to carry out maintenance.  The crew is still getting to know the newly refitted Maiden and how she performs on the water.


There is also some time for a bit of jogging!

getting the advent calendar out

and dealing with bits and bobs (don’t worry, Amelia has not taken up smoking – that is a marker!)

Maiden will be on her way soon and we will of course keep you updated.  You can also now track Maiden on our website www.themaidenfactor.org


Maiden’s restoration has been made possible by

HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan in memory of Her father,

HM King Hussein I, via Her ‘Anything is Possible’ initiative.

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  • Great photos. Good to see you all safely on your way. Meanwhile, in Hamble, the King and Queen is wondering what has happened to their Thursday night profits. They’ve taken a hit for some reason! Fair winds and bon voyage…

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