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Maiden is on her way!

Maiden left Malta yesterday to begin her voyage to Kerala in India. The pit stop in Malta was absolutely amazing and Maiden was hosted by the inspirational Jarhead Young Sailors www.jarheadyoungsailorsmalta.org and Olwyn Foundation.  The crew had a few well deserved days off and Maiden had some issues sorted out.  There was a steady stream of visitors to see the boat and the crew which and we were made to feel extremely welcome. The crew were sad to leave but of course

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Nikki Henderson – Skipper’s Log

    Night just drew in.  Our last one for a while now.  Malta is 200 nautical miles away and we should be in by dinnertime tomorrow. It will feel like a momentous achievement for all of us to reach this first milestone in Maiden’s world world tour.  Two years ago this iconic boat was rotting away – and now we have just sailed her 2500 nautical miles – across the Bay of Biscay (as we now affectionately refer to

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Amelia’s Blog

  Saturday 7th December Finally, it feels like the weather is beginning to warm up! Today started for me at 0130 when I came on watch to swap with Tilly. We were burning past Gibraltar with 20 knots of wind on the starboard quarter and a heavy sea state pushing us along. As day broke the wind swung around onto the nose and we started to get wet on deck, but this didn’t matter much to us and the weather

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News from Tilly Ajanko

    From Baiona to Malta Sara Hastreiter and Tilly in Baiona After a week in port, we’re all happy to be out on the water again. Choppy head winds turned into nice gentle downwind breeze and we got to Cascais about 24 hours after departing Baiona. Lack of wind meant motoring which meant lots of time for Amelia to get her newly purchased fishing gear out. Unfortunately Portuguese fish weren’t co-operative and Amelia didn’t get a single bite. That’s

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Greetings from Baiona

    Greetings from Baiona! As Maiden makes her way towards India she is stopping in at various ports to dodge the weather which due to the delay in the refit is not optimal for her to be making her way south.  These ‘pit stops’ are also really useful for dealing with any issues that arise and to carry out maintenance.  The crew is still getting to know the newly refitted Maiden and how she performs on the water. Cruising

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