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Maiden has left the building…..

Well they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and these certainly tell a wonderful part of the Maiden Rescue story.  On Sunday 26th March, Maiden was put back into the water so that her cradle could be taken by road to the docks in Victoria, Mahe. On Monday 27th March a very welcome sight appeared on the horizon, the long awaited ship that would be bringing Maiden home. For the past few days, our man on the

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Maiden waits and we wait with her!

Maiden is now in her beautiful new Cradle and is waiting for the ship that will bring her home. She spends her final few days in the Seychelles looking out to sea, searching the horizon and we spend our days here in the UK working hard to get ready for her arrival. We estimate that her ship will arrive on 25th March and that she will leave the Seychelles the next day on the 26th March. We will of course

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