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#MaidenInspires… Maria Matthews

For my own part I completed my theory day skipper at night school and was able to participate in some crewing (paying events). I sailed Maiden on her delivery trip from London to Southampton in preparation for the Hong Kong Challenge. I then sailed on Creightons Naturally in the 1997 Fastnet race!

Maiden Blog – Dr. Emily Duncan

I am a conservation biologist working on plastic pollution in aquatic environments and am currently Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Exeter, UK. I have worked on multiple international projects investigating what impacts the current levels of plastics pollution are having on marine ecosystems and threatened species including marine turtles.

The Jordan Trail – by Tracy Edwards MBE

Now I am planning to go back, when Maiden is on her way again, to the country I love, to walk the Jordan trail which links Um Qais in the north and Aqaba in the south, with my daughter. We will take 40 days to walk the 650 kilometres passing through 52 villages on the way and we will meet Maiden when she sails into Aqaba!

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